Services to support in Conception, Pregnancy and Beyond

Increasingly, couples are turning to complementary therapies throughout the conception, pregnancy and post-pregnancy period.  Unfortunately, due to ever more stringent guidelines about the claims therapists can make for their treatments, we cannot suggest that any complementary treatment can or will help in supporting conception or in pregnancy.  However, many of my clients claim that the treatment and support they received throughout their journey into parenthood made a real positive impact, preparing them both physically and emotionally for this magical experience.  Please see testimonials for more details.

I have extensive experience of working with mums and dads-to-be throughout the conception, pregnancy and post pregnancy stages.  In addition to the standard treatments I offer, available to one or both partners, I also offer a range of other services and support, much of which can be carried out informally during a standard treatment.  Support can include:

  • Information about ‘Natural Family Planning’ – the natural way to track a woman’s menstrual cycle, which can aid conception
  • Nutrition information and support specific to fertility and pregnancy
  • Help planning for labour, including support in devising a ‘Birth Plan’, advice about natural pain relief and other techniques to help throughout the labour process
  • Advice and guidance about techniques to support physical and emotional healing following the birth
  • Using Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and other key techniques, help with fears and anxieties about conception and labour, as well as labour debriefing following the birth of the child.  Sometimes people have emotional barriers to conception or fears about the impending labour.  Similarly, however positive the birth experience, many woman and also men, find it helpful to ‘debrief’ following labour – processing the events of this monumental event in their life.  Others who have had less positive birth experiences may be experiencing fear, anger, distress or other emotions in relation to the trauma.  Many clients have found TFT helpful in processing and removing these negative emotions.
  • Support with establishing breastfeeding – I am a trained Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and can assist new mums with normal breastfeeding in the early days following the birth.  More complex breastfeeding difficulties may require referral to a more senior person – I can provide contact details of health professionals and local support groups if required.  I do not charge for this service.

Of course, there is no obligation to have any of the above additional support, or to commit to a course of treatments.  If you wish, you can simply book a standard individual treatment or a series of treatments to support you in your journey into parenthood. 

Please see prices for more information or contact me to book a session.  As well as my usual treatment packages and current offers, I also offer a £5 discount per client per session for couples who wish to attend together, a saving of £10 per couple.