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I was recommended by a friend to make a reflexology appointment with Sian way back in 2009 as I was feeling anxious and very stressed all of the time and I was constantly catching colds and viruses from my young daughters.  During my consultation with Sian, I decided to book a two month weekly course of treatments of reflexology to see if she could help me.

Even after the first treatment I felt so much more relaxed and able to cope better with my busy lifestyle and I couldn’t wait to return the following week.  Sian’s manner is so professional, while at the same time, so friendly and understanding, that you can’t help but feel relaxed in her presence. 

At the end of my course of treatments I felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I felt so much calmer and less stressed than before, and friends and family commented on how much healthier and happier I looked, it was truly amazing.  I now no longer have a ‘permanent cold’ as before and feel so much fitter than I ever have.

I continue to make regular fortnightly appointments with Sian to maintain this newfound health and wellbeing and recommend her to every stressed out parent I meet!  Everyone should have their very own Sian, easing the pressures of living in this fast-paced modern world.

Ceri, Ystrad Mynach


I have always suffered with joint pain in my knees, elbows and back due to the physical nature of my work.  I decided to have a course of reflexology because I had heard of its benefits in relieving joint pain.  However, I must admit that I was sceptical that I would really see any dramatic changes!

Well, within two weeks the pain in my joints had definitely improved, and the overall mobility was also better.  By the time I had finished my course of six treatments I would say that my joints were 80% better than they had been!  I would definitely recommend reflexology to anyone suffering with this kind of problem.

However, the strangest thing for me was the other benefits I got out of the treatments.  Everyone talks about reflexology being relaxing, helping with stress and so on, and I did definitely experience an improvement in my stress levels and the quality of my sleep.  But I also had another unexpected improvement – the reflexology seemed to completely remove my hayfever!  I have suffered with acute hayfever since I was a child – nose sprays, eye drops, antihistamine tablets – the works!  I spend most of my summer avoiding outdoor activities because my hayfever becomes so debilitating.  Yet, while I was having the reflexology, I didn’t have any of these symptoms at all!!

I was so impressed with reflexology and now recommend it to anyone with health problems.  And I still book in with Sian as often as I can to keep everything ‘ticking over’ – especially when hayfever season strikes.

Richard, Caerphilly


As a fellow therapist I can be a difficult client to please!  I believe that your relationship with your client is the most important factor in helping them to feel relaxed and aid any necessary healing.  You can really ‘know your oils’ but when you truly relate to your client then I think that the effects of the therapy are greatly enhanced. 

Sian combines the personable with the professional such that there is the perfect balance between knowledge and understanding during treatment.  The reflexology is a complete body detox!  Sian always gives that extra time and I always feel both nurtured and balanced after a session.

Beth, Caerphilly


Before my first session of reflexology I was completely ignorant of the power of this therapy.  I thought it was just a relaxing foot massage – and of course it was (how could you not relax in that wonderfully comfortable chair, with the mood music playing in the background and the aromatic oil burner adding even more ambience to Sian’s super treatment room?) But I have found that reflexology is so much more!

I was amazed that conditions could be ‘diagnosed’ with such accuracy.  Sian always knew which areas of my body were troublesome and I found the treatments very beneficial for joint pain (in knee, shoulder and back) caused by arthritis.  Occasionally I found myself getting quite emotional during sessions (especially when I was grieving over the death of my father – it seemed as though the treatment somehow opened the floodgates), but I always left feeling refreshed and much calmer.  I would definitely recommend reflexology to friends as a relaxing experience and a potent complementary therapy for a wide range of conditions.

Ann, Caerphilly


I first started seeing Sian for reflexology treatments 10 months ago having heard from a friend the benefits she’d witnessed from this treatment with her.  For me this was an opportunity for some ‘me’ time and I also experienced very painful periods which I was hopeful the sessions could help with. Following a period of treatment my periods have regulated and are a lot less painful, and I also feel my general physical and emotional health and wellbeing is much improved.  I feel this is because Sian takes a very holistic and tailored approach to each treatment.  I have told a number of friends and colleagues about the treatments – I always look forward to my sessions and can’t recommend Sian highly enough.

Becky, Penarth


After several years of suffering with a debilitating chronic pain condition, Sian’s unwavering support combined with Reflexology has enabled me to make positive lifestyle changes to improve my health and wellbeing.  Previously I struggled with many aspects of day to day life due to my condition.  I am now happy to be able to do most of the active things I enjoy again.  My energy levels are back in balance again and my outlook on life is optimistic.  I couldn’t recommend a more capable pair of hands!!

Sian – it has been a completely life-changing journey and one that I wouldn’t have succeeded in without your support!

Jo, Cardiff



I have been having regular reflexology sessions with Sian since March 2011 and in late September I found out I was pregnant.  I’d originally come to Sian as I’d had a very stressful work situation for some months, and was feeling very run down and not ‘me’ at all.  My work situation changed just before I came to see Sian and I feel that the sessions we had from March through to August really helped me get over what had been an upsetting and difficult experience.  I felt my energy supplies had been depleted and I’d lost focus – the reflexology, and Sian’s caring and professional approach helped all of this to improve.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, we shifted towards focusing on my wellbeing during the pregnancy.  I have found the sessions invaluable, and feel as if I am moving towards labour, birth, and being a mum, in the most positive and ‘well’ state I could be in. I would recommend Sian’s healing hands to anyone!  She has not only been a professional and considered therapist, but also an incredibly caring and supportive friend.  I feel I have benefited from her knowledge and understanding hugely, and am very grateful for everything she has done.

Rebecca, Cardiff


After trying to conceive for over 4 years and with IVF treatment planned, I decided that I was going to invest in reflexology therapy to help deal with the emotional stress ahead.  My mother had already been receiving this therapy for anxiety after a recent diagnosis and as a result seemed calmer and less anxious.  So I did some general research about reflexology on the internet and read that it may help fertility issues. I found Sian after a quick search in my area, and found her website professional and informative.

After the initial consultation which was very thorough I felt confident I had made the right choice in Sian.
She took on board the reason why I was there and offered more advice than any GP or nurse I had spoken to previously.  As well as providing reflexology she is a fountain of knowledge with regards to nutrition and general wellbeing.  I feel more focused and relaxed after each session.

To my amazement I did actually conceive which I wasn’t expecting at all! 

Alyson, Caerphilly


I had been trying to conceive for over a year when a friend, who had experienced similar problems conceiving, recommended trying reflexology.  I was refered to Sian at Optimum health & wellbeing by another friend who was also having reflexology treatment.

Through a thorough consultation, we discovered that my menstrual cycles were inconsistent and it seemed I had not been ovulating every month.  Treatment involved fortnightly appointments of reflexology, plus support and advice on general wellbeing, advice on how to ‘read’ my body, and what diet and supporting supplements to take in order to help stabilise my menstrual cycle.

Within two months of treatment I started noticing changes within my body and was ovulating consistently.  My menstrual cycle length was more consistent and I felt that I was experiencing effective periods.  After three months of consistent cycle lengths and ovulation, my partner and I conceived!

When I started treatment I felt quite emotionally unbalanced – feeling quite helpless about my situation and thinking that my partner and I would never conceive.  I received far more support, advice and encouragement from Sian than I did from my GP!  For me, the treatment, advice and support I received wasn’t just beneficial in terms of achieving conception but also in terms of emotional wellbeing.  The treatment and emotional support provided by Sian taught me to read my body and take control of the situation by making little changes, which enabled me to achieve calmness about the situation, which ultimately led to my conception! 

I would definitely recommend treatment with Sian at Optimum health & wellbeing!  The treatment room is very peaceful and tranquil – a little haven away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  Sian really cares about her clients and really believes in the treatment she is utilising – this belief enables you to take control of your health and emotional wellbeing and achieve the results you want!

Laura, Cardiff


I primarily came to Sian for treatment during my second pregnancy to try to encourage a good pregnancy and smooth delivery. I started coming to Sian in my second trimester and have been coming to her now for ten months. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the reflexology treatment helped prepare my body and mind for the labour.  All of the late pregnancy problems I was suffering from eased by the next morning following treatment and the labour and birth couldn’t have been better. 

I also experienced other benefits from the reflexology – other medical issues started to ease.  Since having Gabriel, my son, the reflexology has helped me recover after the birth, and the advice given to me with regards to diet etc based on Sian’s experience and knowledge has been second to none. 

I would highly recommend Sian to everyone, especially pregnant ladies and new mums.

Claire, The Rock


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