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Complementary therapies are growing rapidly in the UK and across the world as people are increasingly turning to natural, alternative treatments both in the management of specific health conditions and also more generally in the commitment to their ongoing health and wellbeing.

Complementary therapies provide a gentle, safe and natural approach to health maintenance. These therapies do not seek to replace but rather ‘complement’ conventional medical practices. Indeed, many clients often use complementary therapies alongside traditional medicine in the treatment of health conditions.

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Complementary therapies are ‘holistic’ in nature. That is, they consider the ‘whole’ person rather than simply treating a particular symptom or condition. Holistic therapies appreciate the complexity of the human being and work to restore the natural healthy balance of the body – addressing the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. As a holistic therapist, I always seek to consider the many and various aspects that impact on a client’s wellbeing, including health, diet and lifestyle, and tailor each treatment to the client’s specific needs.

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