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I contacted Sian as I was desperate for some help with weight loss issues. I’ve always had confidence issues with my weight since being a little girl. I got married in July and managed to lose nearly 4 stone over the course of a year prior to the wedding. Being over 17 and a half stone to begin with, I was elated at being able to fit into a wedding dress that I had bought that was originally too small for me. However, after the wedding I slipped back into my old ways. I felt like everything I had achieved had been wasted because I was too lazy to do anything about it. I felt greedy and felt like I’d also let everyone down who had helped me lose some weight. Before I knew it 2 and a half stone had crept back on and my spirits were as low as ever.

A colleague from work recommended Sian for thought field therapy. At this point in time I was willing to try anything. I emailed Sian and had a very friendly email back explaining what TFT was. I was a bit sceptical but booked a treatment, as I thought I had nothing to lose and felt that I was willing to try anything.

I went in for the treatment on a Saturday afternoon and was a bit nervous and didn’t have a clue what to expect. Sian put me at ease straight away and made me feel very welcome. We completed the treatment after about one and a half hours. She gave me ‘homework’ of doing sequences of tapping exercises in my own time. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders straight away and felt very positive.  Honestly, I was still unsure of whether this treatment would work for me but I followed all of Sian’s instructions religiously. I was shocked to find that my cravings had disappeared completely. Previously my one big downfall was crisps, I could easily go through a ‘sharing’ sized bag in one sitting, I can honestly say that I haven’t touched crisps since my therapy with Sian and can honestly say for the first time in my life that I don’t even want to!

Since the follow-up appointment with Sian, I have started loosing weight again. I’m not worrying and constantly thinking about food like I was before. People are constantly telling me I look happier. I don’t feel as pressured to lose the weight and I’m actually enjoying eating healthily. My self esteem has rocketed, I feel energised and I am proud of myself for what I have achieved so far and what I KNOW I can achieve in the future.

The only negative aspect of thought field therapy with Sian is that I wish I’d saved myself years of anguish over my self esteem and weight issues and had seen her sooner! Thank you Sian.

 2 month update…

All is going very, very well. I have now lost 1 stone and 8 pounds since my treatment! I feel amazing. I have only another 5 pounds to get to my pre-wedding weight… not long to go.  Although I may not be ‘good’ all the time with food, but I do not get the feelings of guilt or urge to binge at all!

Emma, Cardiff


I have known Sian as a friend for a number of years and approached her recently to see if any of her therapies may be able to help when I was going through a difficult time after a break up.  I didn’t know anything about Thought Field Therapy and was a little nervous about trying it but Sian was great at explaining everything and putting me at ease.  We talked about how to get the best for me out of the sessions and what I would be required to do at home and it was really easy to be open and honest with Sian as she is so non-judgemental and really made me feel comfortable to talk about how I felt honestly. 

The first session was like nothing I’ve ever done before so it was a lot to get my head around but in a very positive way not in a scary way.  Sian was really patient and the session really helped me to get to grips with what the issues were that I wanted to work on.  I then had another session quickly afterwards to work on things in more detail and we agreed that I needed to do some work on my own at home.  I was a little worried about this but Sian was so supportive and helped and encouraged me a lot in between the sessions.

I have really felt the benefit of the TFT.  I feel happier, more positive and have been able to tackle things I didn’t think possible before.  I feel like it has really helped me to turn things around and that it has given me the foundations to move forward positively.  I can’t say I understand exactly how it works but it seems to have helped me, and Sian really does know her stuff.  I feel like I have dealt with lots of things that were holding me back and have learnt coping mechanisms for dealing with other things in the future.

This came at a time in my life when I really needed it and I am very grateful to Sian for her help and support.

Michelle, Cardiff


For a long period of time I suffered from intense anxiety. Previously I had tried hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, both of which did not work. I was already seeing Sian for reflexology which helped me to relax. I then went on to have thought field therapy to address my anxieties further.  It has now been nearly a year since my first treatment and have not suffered a panic attack or any anxious feeling since!

I am so grateful for all the help Sian has provided, she has helped me to live a normal life.  Sian is always welcoming and professional.  I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from anxiety.

BS, Caerphilly


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