Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a groundbreaking treatment aimed at providing rapid relief from all kinds of emotional problems.   Whether it is freedom from negative emotions or self sabotage, or maximising your potential for personal development, TFT may be the answer.

Discovered and developed by Dr Roger Callahan, an American clinical psychologist with over 40 years experience, Thought Field Therapy is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive system which may offer relief from your problems quickly and safely, with no side-effects and without the need for years of therapy. 

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Who can benefit from TFT?

Thought Field Therapy may help in the resolution of the following negative emotions:

  • traumas
  • phobias
  • anxieties
  • guilt
  • fears
  • bereavement
  • anger
  • embarrassment / shame
  • general stress

TFT has also been shown to be effective for many other problems that can be life-limiting and act as barriers to happiness and health.  TFT may be helpful in:

  • boosting personal and professional performance – TFT is increasingly being used by individuals, athletes and businesses to help boost performance, improve motivation and achieve goals
  • resolving addictions including smoking, alcoholism, nail biting and food addictions
  • supporting weight loss
  • boosting self esteem and confidence

How does TFT work?

Like acupuncture, TFT is said to work with the body’s energy meridian points to address emotional imbalances.  However, in TFT no needles are used.  Instead the client taps on various parts of the body – on the face, hands, and upper body – with their fingers.  By using a series of specific and carefully administered ‘tapping’ sequences, TFT works to unlock and remove the negative emotional response associated with the particular situation/thought causing the client’s distress and thus eliminates the emotional problem.

According to Dr Callahan’s theory, the cause of negative emotion is a ‘perturbation’ or disruption in a particular thought field (the thought associated with the particular event or situation that is causing the client’s upset).  The TFT treatment may rapidly reduce and eliminate these perturbations and thus remove the corresponding negative emotion, often within minutes.  The client can then think about what troubled them as much as they like as the memory of it remains unaffected, but the associated negative emotion (anxiety, anger, guilt etc) will no longer be present.

How successful is TFT?

At its highest level of proficiency, Thought Field Therapy has an unprecedented success rate of up to 97%, evidenced by a study carried out in 1986 and replicated in 1996 and 1998.

Paul McKenna, probably the most high-profile psychotherapist in the UK, now uses TFT routinely in his work with complex client cases and has found it an invaluable tool in his armoury of techniques.  Paul has been demonstrating his confidence in TFT by using it with allegedly impossible cases in both of his Sky One TV series ‘I Can Change Your Life’ and ‘Paul McKenna Will Make You Thin’.

I am a TFT Diagnostic Practitioner.  In trials, Diagnostic Practitioners have a consistent success rate of around 95%.

What happens at a treatment?

I will begin by talking to you about your problem(s).  It is helpful for me to get a good understanding of the issues currently affecting you so that I can ensure that the treatment is tailored to your specific problem.  However, if your problem is especially traumatic for you to discuss, it is possible to conduct a treatment without discussing the issues affecting you at all.  Please ask for more details if this applies to you.

Following this consultation, we will then begin the treatment itself.  I will ask you to ‘think and then hold the thought’ of your problem in your mind.  I will then instruct you to tap with your fingertips in a series of pre-determined points on the body – on the face, hands, and upper body – in a particular sequence.  This is a gentle, pain-free process and there is no need to remove any clothing.  I will carefully guide you through the treatment, supporting you as we work to reduce, and then finally eliminate, your negative emotions.

Following your treatment, I will give you full information about how to treat yourself at home if a problem reoccurs or if it should need further treatment in an ‘ongoing’ situation which may cause fresh upsets.

How many sessions will you need?

For many, TFT offers real, measurable and permanent relief from a variety of problems.  Most common phobias and fears may be completely eliminated in minutes!  That is not to say that every problem responds as quickly.  Some problems require repeated treatments and corresponding shifts in lifestyle.  However, most clients experience a significant improvement in the problem in the very first session, with an average number of sessions being between 1 and 3.

What if the problem comes back?

Occasionally a problem that has yielded successfully to treatment will reoccur.  If that should happen, please contact me.  Typically I will be able to successfully re-treat the problem and also be able to start the process of determining why it returned.  Once the correct reason has been determined, it is usually a simple matter to eliminate it permanently. 

Is TFT compatible with other therapies?

Yes, TFT is a great addition to any therapeutic plan and also functions as a stand alone therapy.  Please contact me if you would like me to recommend an ongoing treatment plan, combining TFT with other therapies, for your specific needs.

What is the difference between TFT and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

Gary Craig, pioneer of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), learned TFT from Callahan.  Craig then devised his own version of the therapy, which he coined EFT.  Although many people do find EFT helpful in treating their emotional problems, EFT does not have the same proven success rates as TFT.  I prefer to use the techniques taught by Callahan in TFT which represents the therapy in its purist form.

Please see prices, or contact me for more information or to book an appointment.

Please note that due to Advertising Standards Authority regulations, TFT practitioners are restricted in the claims they can make for the treatment.  Practitioners cannot diagnose or offer a ‘cure’.  Nor can they claim that the treatment ‘can’ or ‘will’ benefit a client, only that it ‘might’.  Regulations also prevent practitioners advertising that TFT will help specific, named medical conditions, hence only general conditions are referenced above. 

However, many clients claim very positive and dramatic improvements following treatment.  Please see my client testimonials for a selection of comments from current and past clients.